Six Things That Happen When You Get Cited For DUI

It is every driver's worst fear: being pulled over for driving under the influence. Depending on where you live, the repercussions of a DUI are harsh, and they can impact your life for some time. Regardless of what the outcome is in court, there is some fall-out that can be expected by any driver, in any state.

Six things that will happen when you are cited for a DUI are:

  1. You will be processed. If you are over the legal limit, .08 blood alcohol content (BAC) in most states, you will be arrested and processed at the local detainment center or jail. This doesn't mean that they are going to keep you overnight, but it may take a while to have a magistrate set a bond or bail for your release. This is particularly likely when you are arrested late at night or on a weekend, when many of these officials are not at work.
  2. Your car will be impounded. Unless you are in the company of another sober licensed driver, your car will be impounded. You will need to show documentation of ownership when you go to retrieve your vehicle and pay a towing fee as well as typically hefty storage fees.
  3. You will need someone sober to come pick you up. When you are done being processed, you may need a sober adult, over the age of 21, to come and pick you up. It is rare that law enforcement will allow you to leave their premise while they believe you may still be impaired by alcohol or substances.
  4. Your license will be immediately revoked. It is common for authorities to ask you to relinquish your driver's license for an administrative suspension prior to being convicted in court. Depending on where you live and the outcome at court, it will be returned to you in the mail later on.
  5. You will need a DUI attorney. No judge will allow you to enter a guilty plea in court without first consulting with legal counsel. If you can afford an attorney, contact someone from a firm like Kevin T Conway Esq Pc. If you cannot afford to hire an attorney, you can ask the court to provide one to you at no cost, contingent on financial information and income documentation.
  6. Authorities will be watching you. Ask any repeat offender and they will tell you that once you have gotten charged with a DUI, you will be on law enforcement's radar.

Getting cited for DUI can be a nightmare, but with legal support and barring further infractions, you will get through the crisis. Know the laws in your state and don't endanger the lives of others by consuming alcohol and getting behind the wheel. Whether you win or lose in court, these six inevitable consequences are enough to serve as a deterrent against a second offense.