Legal Tips Business Lawyers Recommend For Companies On The Verge Of Being Sued By Customers

Being an owner of any business means dealing with possible lawsuits from customers. Maybe one of your products injured them in some way and they respond by suing. If you consider these legal tips from business attorneys, you can make this situation much less impactful. Take a Stance of Empathy Some companies do the wrong things when customers threaten to sue. They take it too personally and then get defensive, not considering what the customer may have gone through. Read More 

Why You Should Hire An Aviation Lawyer If You Are A Commercial Pilot Who Is Facing Issues

If you have been involved in some sort of incident while working as a commercial pilot, or if you otherwise think you might be in some type of aviation-related trouble, the best thing that you can probably do in your situation is to hire an aviation lawyer. It's important to hire an aviation lawyer if you are a commercial pilot who is facing issues because of the following reasons and more. Read More 

What Is The First Right Of Refusal In A Custody Order?

There are many common complaints that family attorneys hear during a custody battle or divorce, but fortunately, there's a solution. Incorporating guidelines for the first right of refusal helps alleviate arguments regarding things like children being left with sitters or family members when the other parent is available for custodial time. Learn more about how the first right of refusal can help you and your ex reduce conflict so you can parent peacefully. Read More 

Why You Might Need a Long-Term Disability Attorney

If you have been injured on the job and you are now facing the realities of having a disability for many years, you will want to apply for long-term disability through your employer. While you will hope that the process will go smoothly and that your claim will not be denied, there is always the chance that things won't go in your favor. The best thing you can do is to retain a long-term disability attorney. Read More 

What Does An Attorney Look For In An Equal Pay Case?

Equal pay, or usually more accurately the lack thereof, is a cause for many civil actions against businesses. The law, however, doesn't automatically assume that the lack of dollar-for-dollar pay between two employees represents a cause of action. An attorney must dig for evidence that reflects the basis for the unequal treatment within an organization. Here are three things a lawyer is searching for when they examine an equal pay case. Read More