3 Easy Ways To Prevent Eye Injuries At Work

In general, eye injuries are among the most common type of injury sustained in the workplace. Injuries caused by falling or flying objects occur every day in workplaces across the United States. Fortunately, these types of injuries are the most preventable. However, it takes a conscientious effort on all employees to create a safe work environment that's free from eye hazards. Following are three easy ways to prevent eye injuries at work. 

Remove Hazards from Work Area

Most eye injuries are caused by tiny flying or falling objects, such as a sliver of metal or sawdust. These hazards can even exist in areas where protective eye gear isn't required. To minimize the likelihood of getting hurt in your work area, identify all hazards in the area, such as moving machinery, dirt and debris, tools, and unstable objects, especially those located overhead. Work to stabilize all objects in your area and strive to keep your work surfaces as clean as possible. 

Wear Proper Eye Gear

Even if it isn't required, wearing protective eye gear is a good idea. However, donning a pair of safety glasses might not be enough. Before wearing protective gear, you must be sure that it's right for the environment in which you work and in good working condition. Protective eye gear also has to fit properly in order to work well. Inspect all eye gear for fit and damage before use. Scratched or blurry safety glasses might make it more difficult to perform your duties and may even cause safety concerns, so always ask for or purchase a new pair if yours become damaged in any capacity. 

Use Common Sense and Safe Work Practices

Common sense and safe work practices can go a long way in keeping your eyes safe at work. Putting away tools when they're not in use lessens the chances that they will fall on you or poke you in the eye. Since dust and debris can get into your eyes, you should always keep your area clean. Take care to keep yourself clean, too. Falling dust from a hardhat can easily fall into your eye when you slip your safety glasses off. 

There are several ways you can protect your eyes while you're at work. In addition to following all your workplace's rules and regulations for eye safety, you should take steps yourself to make sure your eyes are protected at all times. Be sure to consult with a personal injury lawyer, such at Risley Law Firm, P.C., if an incident occurs requiring counsel.