On The Ocean Oops: Cruise Ship Negligence And Injuries

A cruise vacation means that you get to relax without a care in the world, in the very center of the sea. Cruise ships are similar to being on a moving city with something going on every hour of the day. Although they can be paradise, injuries can still happen in a cruise ship paradise. Here are some personal injuries that cruise ships may be liable for if you find yourself hurt on the sea.

Slips due to wet floors

Even though a cruise ship is in the middle of the water, cruise ships themselves tend to be pretty dry. If you are on the inside of a cruise ship and you fall due to a wet floor, the cruise line may be liable for your injury. Wet flooring is a hazard when cruise ships themselves tend to sway and move around. Since the ship is a moving vehicle, the cruise ship company is responsible for making sure that walking throughout the vehicle is safe. If you slipped and fell due to a cruise ship being kept wet on the inside, the cruise ship may need to pay for your medical care. A personal injury lawyer would be able to help you net the settlement that you need due to your injuries sustained on the ship.

Falls due to gaps in the ship docking

When you disembark off the ship during a stop on the cruise, you will likely have to go through security, then exit the on the off ramp. If there are any gaps between the ship ramp and the ground where you must leave the ship, this can cause an injury. It is the responsibility of the cruise ship and the crew to make sure that it is safe to exit the cruise ships during the designated time. If you fell in a crack that was left inside of the ships ramp or because the ramp was too high, this is legal negligence on behalf of the cruise company. Off ramps must be made safe for people with a number of abilities.

Food poisoning due to improper storage 

Getting ill on a cruise due to food can be the worst type of illness to receive. Due to being in the water, there will be one or two on ship doctors that will have to handle any case of illness, and resources may be limited until you are able to dock. Cruise ships, just like restaurants on land, have safety standards that they must keep for food preparation and food storage. If you got sick due to an issue caused with the food on a cruise ship, you may be able to sue for the damages that happened because of your illness and due to the loss of enjoyment of your vacation.

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