Going Through A Divorce And Considering Doing It Yourself? 3 Benefits Of Hiring A Divorce Lawyer

If you are going through a divorce you may be considering doing it yourself instead of hiring a lawyer. Even though this may save you a lot of money, it is not a good idea. To help you, below are three benefits of hiring a divorce attorney so you can see why you need one.

Prevent Mistakes

You will likely make a lot of mistakes because you do not understand the law. For example, when you file a document with the court, the judge will review it. If the language in the document is not correct, the court will have a hard time understanding what you have written. This will result in your wishes not being met. It may be something small, such as you want the DVD collection, or it may be something big, such as you want expensive antiques. If you have children, you may not explain how you want custody handled correctly.

A divorce attorney will write every document and ensure everything is correct before they submit anything to the court.

Avoid Delays

Any mistakes that you make will cause a delay in the proceeding. The judge will have to stop and ask you questions about certain things. You may not know the answers to these questions and this will take up even more time.

Your spouse may also cause a delay if they will not agree to the divorce. In a case like this, your attorney will submit a default judgement. A judge will accept this, and the divorce will be accepted to your terms. You will have to prove that divorce papers were sent to your spouse. Your attorney will do all of this for you.

Tell You What Items Can Be Divided

You may think that things that are in your name only are automatically yours. This is not true, however. Everything that you own can be divided between you and your spouse in some states. This can include money you have made from an investment or money you made from a side job. If you have separate bank accounts, your bank account balance may be included in the total money on the divorce papers. In addition, your 401K may have to be split between you and your spouse. The same holds true for their 401K.

If there are credit cards in both you and your spouse's name and you owe money on them, how this is handled can become confusing. An attorney will know the laws and how you need to handle this situation.

Talk to a divorce attorney in your area about this information. They can also give you much more information about getting a divorce.