What Is An Acquittal And How Can You Get One?

Did you just get out of jail after being bonded out? If so, were you arrested for a crime? When you get arrested for a crime, it means that the court will have criminal charges against you. If you are in this position, you should understand how the criminal process works, and you should also understand what an acquittal is in criminal law. Getting an acquittal in your case is the best possible outcome you can have, and here are a few things to understand about this important term.

The definition of an acquittal

The term "acquittal" is another word for innocent, although it can have a slightly different meaning. When the court offers an acquittal, it means that they are dropping the charges against the person, and the person is innocent of the charges. If the court acquits you in your case, you will not receive consequences for the charges. The charges will not appear on your record either. The court eliminates these charges from your record as though they never existed.

Another key point to understand is that the court cannot try you again for the same crime if they acquit you. There is a legal term called double jeopardy. This term prevents the court from trying a person more than once for a crime the court dismissed in the past.

Ways courts grant acquittals

The court can grant acquittals in several ways. The first way this happens is by a judge reviewing the evidence and stating that there is not enough to prove the crime occurred or the defendant committed it. Secondly, a court can acquit after a jury trial. If the jury agrees that there is not enough proof the defendant committed the crime, they can return with an innocent verdict.

Steps you can take that may help your case

If your goal is to convince the court to acquit you, you will need the help of a criminal lawyer. Criminal lawyers fight cases in several ways. One, they offer evidence that proves the defendant did not commit the crime. Two, they offer testimony that causes the jury to question the evidence presented against the alleged criminal.

When defendants hire criminal lawyers for assistance, their lawyers fight hard for acquittals. While it is not always possible to get one, having a lawyer will provide a better outcome for your case. Call a law firm today to speak with a criminal defense attorney.