Preparing To Divorce: Tips For A Smooth Beginning

If divorce is definitely on your horizon, consider prepping quite a bit in advance. Don't be caught by surprise by your spouse, makes some proactive plans of your own. Read on for some tips for a smooth beginning for your upcoming divorce.

  1. Choose your divorce lawyer as soon as possible. Keep in mind that many towns have one or two great divorce lawyers, and you want first pick. Once you speak to a divorce lawyer about your case, they cannot represent your spouse. If you want a consultation and some planning advice, you probably can pay a small fee and do without the retainer for the time-being (unless you are ready to file now).
  2. Even if you are certain that a divorce is imminent, keep things to yourself. People love to talk, and you will want to spend as much time as you need preparing to file. If your spouse gets word, they may take actions that could make things more complicated.
  3. You will need to put aside as much cash as you can, within reason. Keep in mind that you will have to reveal your assets when you file, You might want to find out how much divorce lawyers in your area charge and then consider additional expenses if you will need to move out or buy a car.
  4. No matter how well you get along and how determined you are to have a pleasant divorce, things can change quickly when you are dealing with emotional issues like child custody and money. Don't let your hopes of a friendly divorce blind you to what a spouse can be capable of doing.
  5. When considering when to file, it's widely considered preferable to file first. It puts the spouse on the defensive from the start and may show the judge that you are more serious about issues like child custody and more. If you expect to get your fair share of property and are anticipating contested child custody, file first.
  6. Gathering financial information about you and your spouse is part of the tasks of preparing for divorce. Your lawyer may advise you to access as much information as possible before your spouse is aware of an impending divorce. Tax returns are important, so try to obtain the last several years of returns, if possible. If you have joint accounts, make sure you print out statements before your spouse changes the passwords.

The tips above should get you started. Speak to your divorce attorney to find out more.