4 Reasons To Seek Advice From A Criminal Defense Lawyer

Criminal defense attorneys help people when they face criminal charges, and there are several common reasons that people hire them. If you ever encounter one of the following situations, you might want to consider hiring a criminal lawyer, too. Here are four common reasons that people hire criminal defense lawyers.

1. The Police Want to Question You

The first reason to consider hiring a criminal defense lawyer is for help if the police want to question you. When the police question you about a crime, you can either answer the questions or tell them you want your lawyer. If you decide you want a lawyer present, they will stop questioning you until the attorney arrives. At that point, your attorney can help you determine if you should answer the questions.

Many people think that answering questions with the police is a smart idea if they are innocent, but this is not always the case. They might trick you into saying things that make you appear guilty even if you did not commit the crime. It is always better to have a lawyer present when answering questions, even if you have nothing to hide.

2. You Found Out That the Court Issued a Warrant for Your Arrest

You might also want to hire a criminal lawyer if you find out that the court issued a warrant for your arrest. When there is an active warrant against you, the police can find you and arrest you at any time. When you find out about the warrant, you will need to turn yourself in or wait for the police to find you.

Before turning yourself in, you can contact a criminal lawyer to learn more about your rights. The lawyer can give you advice about your situation and help you plan a way out of jail after the jail books you. You cannot ignore a warrant forever, so you should deal with it once you find out about it. A criminal defense attorney can help you through this situation.

3. You Played a Small Role in a Crime

Some people also turn to criminal attorneys when they feel like they might get in trouble for a crime. Suppose you played a small role in a crime. If the court already filed criminal charges against the person who played a major role in the crime, they might come after you next. If you want to avoid a surprise arrest warrant, you might want to try to settle the issues before the court starts looking for you. In this situation, hiring a criminal defense lawyer might be the best option you have.

4. The Court Filed Criminal Charges Against You

Finally, you should hire a criminal lawyer if the court filed criminal charges against you. Criminal charges come in many types and forms, but felony charges are the most serious. Misdemeanor crimes are also serious, though. Facing any criminal charge requires legal advice and help, and this is what criminal defense attorneys do for a living.

Your lawyer will help you learn about your rights in the matter. They will also build a case for you and research the incident to find the best strategy for fighting the case. You will end up with better results if you have a lawyer assisting you with your criminal charges.

After reading through these reasons, do you think that you need a lawyer? If so, you can find one by contacting a criminal defense law firm in your city. Some lawyers offer free consultation visits, too, so you can ask about that when you call a local criminal defense attorney's office.