How Do You Handle Property Damage After An Auto Accident?

Anyone that is involved in a car accident is going to naturally be stressed out, and dealing with an insurance company is just going to add to the stress. This can leave you with questions about how to best handle the case, especially when it comes to the property damage that was caused. Do you use your own liability coverage to take care of it, or do you use the other driver's insurance? Here is what you need to know about this legal situation regarding recovering property damage.

Why Use Your Own Liability Coverage

Dealing with damage to your car after an accident is a serious problem, especially if it is your own vehicle. You'll want to get it repaired and back on the road as soon as possible, especially if you need to limit the use of a rental car or borrowing someone else's vehicle. This is the main reason why people decide to use their own auto insurance liability coverage to cover their own personal property damage. It simply helps the process go quickly for repairing your vehicle.

When you use the other driver's liability coverage when they are at fault, the entire process can take a lot more time. This is because the other insurance company needs to investigate the accident and make a decision about if they are willing to accept liability. This can take weeks or months to happen, and during that time, you are left without a vehicle. 

Why Use The Other Driver's Liability Coverage

However, there are times when it's better to use the other driver's insurance to pay for the damage to your vehicle. The main reason people do this is that they do not want to pay their own deductible, especially if they have a high deductible. The other insurance provider essentially pays for everything when the other driver is at fault. 

Another situation is because you simply can't use your own insurance coverage to pay for the damages. Many states don't require you to have collision coverage, and it is not necessary if you do not have a loan where the lender requires collision coverage. This means that your only option will be to go after the other driver for the property damage that they caused.

That's when it's a good idea to bring in an auto accident lawyer to help settle your case. The other company is always going to be adverse to paying out compensation to cover your damages, and a lawyer is going to help maximize how much you receive. If you live in a state where holding any percentage of fault excludes you from receiving compensation, you'll really need the help of a lawyer to fight on your behalf so that you can win in court.