Hurt While Shopping? Take These Steps

If you have been injured while in a store, then more than likely the business has failed to keep you safe from harm. You might owe it to yourself to be cautious in a store but the store bears the greater portion of responsibility when they open their doors to the public. Not only does the local, state, and federal government have a say in how safe stores are, but you can take action and sue a store if you are hurt under certain circumstances. 

Answer Some Basic Questions

1. Were you protected? Review your injury situation to determine whether or not the store did all it could to protect you from a hazard. For example, if it's a wet day, the store should be drying the floors more often to prevent slips and falls.

2. Were you warned? Being warned about potential hazards is just as important as being protected from them. A retail store is in constant flux with customers coming and going, products being stocked, shelves emptying, and more. That means the store has a responsibility to monitor conditions all the time to ensure customers are kept safe. For instance, wet days should also bring warning signs and orange cones on wet areas.

3. Did you obey safety warnings and use common sense? You won't be able to gain compensation after a store injury if you failed to obey warnings or you acted in an ill-advised manner. For instance, a customer seeking a restroom might venture into the stock area and get hurt. That might not be the store's fault.

Speak to the Person in Charge

The store manager should be contacted immediately after an injury. They may have forms to be filled out for their insurance carrier and that is an important component of your compensation.

Take Photographs

If you can, snap a quick photo of the hazard. Later, photograph your injuries. If you must, send a friend back to the store to take photos before they take action to remove the hazard.

See Your Doctor

Injuries too minor to call for medical care are too minor to be compensated. Be sure you let the doctor know where you were hurt and the circumstances of the incident. You can be reimbursed for all related medical expenses. Along with that, you can be paid for lost or damaged personal belongings, lost wages from work, and pain and suffering.

Speak to a Lawyer

You can rest assured that you are being paid the maximum settlement when a personal injury lawyer is on your case. Speak to a personal injury lawyer about your case. Let them negotiate a compensation package for you.