Accident Adjuster Issues: How To Be Ready

It can be difficult to deal with all the little issues that can pop up after an accident. When accident victims are already trying to cope with their injuries and financial matters, a phone call from an insurance representative might fail to register any interest. This call, though, has the potential to be very impactful.

Two Adjusters: What to Know

You are expected to report your accident to your own insurer as soon as you can. They are on your side, though, and this call should be only routine. They will likely ask you a few questions about the accident such as the date and location. That helps them obtain additional information from the accident report gathered by law enforcement. When you answer the phone, know who you are speaking with. Don't confuse your insurer with the other driver's insurer.

The Other Guy's Adjuster

Be very careful if you speak to this insurance adjuster. Their interest lies in their own client and paying as little as possible on the accident claim. Unfortunately, some victims are unaware of what could happen if they speak to this adjuster. In some cases, victims can be tricked into speaking to them. They may tell victims that they are about to send them a big check, but they need a bit of information first.

This phone call is recorded and can be used to determine fault and damages. It may be used in court too. You must give permission to be recorded or you might be informed that the call is being recorded. Even though victims are told that they are to be paid they must speak to the adjuster, that is not correct. If you refuse to speak to the adjuster it won't affect your ability to be paid what you deserve. If you do speak to the adjuster, however, you could end up accidentally hurting your case.

Get Legal Help

Things can get confusing in several ways after an accident. Protect yourself and your potential monetary claim by seeking the help of a personal injury lawyer. This type of lawyer not only knows how to deal with the insurer for the other side and their adjusters, but they also may offer a contingency fee plan. That means the lawyer will get started on your case for no money down and you only have to pay them if they win the case for you.

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