Why You Might Need a Long-Term Disability Attorney

If you have been injured on the job and you are now facing the realities of having a disability for many years, you will want to apply for long-term disability through your employer. While you will hope that the process will go smoothly and that your claim will not be denied, there is always the chance that things won't go in your favor. The best thing you can do is to retain a long-term disability attorney. Read More 

What Does An Attorney Look For In An Equal Pay Case?

Equal pay, or usually more accurately the lack thereof, is a cause for many civil actions against businesses. The law, however, doesn't automatically assume that the lack of dollar-for-dollar pay between two employees represents a cause of action. An attorney must dig for evidence that reflects the basis for the unequal treatment within an organization. Here are three things a lawyer is searching for when they examine an equal pay case. Read More 

Critical Arguments For Retaining A Skilled Estate Planning Attorney

Years of careful planning may have allowed you to save a significant amount of money and sizable assets. You want to be sure that all of them will be distributed according to your wishes after you die. You may want to bequeath certain people in your life with gifts of money and property by which to remember you. Rather than leave the dispersal of your estate to your next of kin, you can put in writing the final intentions of your wealth. Read More 

What Is The Role Of A Probate Lawyer?

If your loved one passed away with a basic will or no estate planning in place, the estate will need to go through probate. This will require hiring a lawyer to take you through the process of administering the estate, verifying that the debts are paid, distributing assets, and following your loved one's wishes. Here is how a probate lawyer helps with this process.  Collect Proceeds From Life Insurance Do you know if your loved one had a life insurance policy? Read More 

Why It Pays To Slow Down After A Car Accident

Car accident victims may have no choice but to take it easy for a few weeks after a car accident. When someone is hit and hurt by a careless driver, the smartest thing to do is to recuperate. There are other good reasons for not being too hasty after a wreck and they have to do with getting compensation. Read on and find out why it would be foolish to get in a rush after a car accident and make the wrong moves. Read More