Why A Real Estate Lawyer Is Beneficial When Buying Property

One of the biggest investments you will make in your lifetime is the purchase of a home or real estate. It is a process which you will need to think through before you commit, but also make sure that the property you are purchasing is worth its value, as well as is free of any legal issues tied to the property. In order to properly determine whether or not there are issues, you need to retain a real estate attorney, Here is an overview of some of the issues you may find attached to your property and how a real estate attorney can help you. Read More 

Understanding Your Rights After You Slip In A Puddle By A Door With No Mat

You've tromped through a wet and snowy parking lot and walked into a shop, but the minute you walked in the door, you slipped and fell. Unfortunately, the store didn't have mats by their front door, and as a result, a puddle formed and you slipped. Now, you're wondering what your options are and what the storekeeper's responsibilities are. Here are some points to consider: Liability If you get hurt due to a dangerous situation in or around a business, you need to prove that the business owner is liable for your accident. Read More 

Two Things The Popular Podcast Serial Can Teach You About Your Criminal Defense Case

Audiences throughout America have been spellbound by the riveting new podcast Serial, an ongoing weekly audio series that discusses the case of Adnan Syed, a convicted murderer from the state of Maryland. Although the case has long been closed and Adnan is currently serving life in prison, the producers of this popular podcast are daring to ask the question: what if Adnan is innocent, and what are the real facts behind this criminal case? Read More