The Line Between Unfortunate Medical Event And Wrongful Death

Hearing that your relative has died while in surgery or due to a medical emergency is devastating enough without also hearing that it may have been preventable. Medical mistakes and negligence are unfortunately a lot more common than they should be, and if your family member was the victim of negligence, for example, then you need to take action. But it is also possible for these medical events and deaths to be due to confusion from an unknown condition or a situation that couldn't be helped. Read More 

Three Things That May Reduce Your Workers Compensation Payout

When you have battled your workers compensation case, and you have won your award, you can almost be sure that you won't pocket the whole check. Different things can reduce the amount you eventually receive; some are inevitable while others depend on the circumstances of your case. Here are three examples of these factors: SSA Offsets and Taxation Generally, workers compensation benefits aren't taxable either by state or federal governments, but there are exceptions to this rule. Read More 

Five Things You Need To Do If You Supsect Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice is the third leading cause of death in the United States. Malpractice that doesn't have lethal consequences can severely impact the quality of your life. Filing a medical malpractice lawsuit is your best option for getting some resolution to the situation, but what if you only suspect that your healthcare provider may be negligent but have no definitive proof? Following are five strategies that can help you succeed in the event that filing a medical malpractice lawsuit becomes necessary. Read More 

Drowning In Documents: Real Estate Paperwork To Know

If you have finally found your dream home and are now in the process of completing the purchase, you may be surprised when you realize the virtual mountain of paperwork that is needed to accomplish this endeavor. This is a situation that involves both a real estate purchase, and, in most cases, a financial issue that involves a mortgage loan. These two facets can work together to create a confusing mass of documentation for the home buyer. Read More 

Buying A Commercial Building? Two Reasons Why You Need Legal Advice From An Attorney

If you're in the process of purchasing a piece of commercial property, you're making a great decision.  Whether you decide to run your business out of the facility or rent it out to another company it's a great way for you to either further your own enterprise or profit by leasing to someone else.  However, if you're not accustomed to the commercial buying process, you may not understand some of the pitfalls that can come along with it. Read More