Age Discrimination Myths Victims May Assume Are True

There are many types of discrimination that individuals can experience over the course of their lives. While race, gender, and sexual orientation are among the most common reasons for discrimination, age-related discrimination can be a significant problem that anyone can be vulnerable to as they grow older. Myth: Age Discrimination Is Only a Problem for Employees Age discrimination in the workplace can be a major problem as it can inhibit a person's ability to effectively financially support themselves. Read More 

New To The United States? What You Can Do To Get To Work

Moving to the United States can be a wonderful adventure. New sights and sounds are exciting, not to mention all of the incredible people you'll meet and experiences you're bound to have. The first step to truly becoming acclimated to your environment is to find work. However, if you aren't familiar with the employment process, it's hard to know where to start. Read through the information below so you will gain an understanding of what you should do to obtain a job when you move to the US. Read More 

Your Furry Family Members And Divorce

Divorce can bring several emotional and sensitive issues to light and how to decide pet custody is just one of those. No matter how you look at it, dealing with this issue is tough. Read on to get a better idea of how the courts treat this tricky problem. Not Really a Custody Issue Divorce laws (and almost all laws, in general) are based on ancient provisions. As little as a hundred or so years ago, almost all animals were viewed as assets. Read More 

Telling Your Young Child About Divorce

Divorce is painful for a child at any age. However, for young children, the challenges are even greater. A young child may take the news of their parent's divorce as a sign that they've done something wrong or that a parent wants to get away from them. How you choose to tell your child about the divorce can make a world of difference when it comes to their perception of the life change. Read More 

Ways To Prove That Someone Lacked The Mental Competency To Correctly Write A Will

If you're the adult child of someone who is aging, you may expect that you'll be the primary beneficiary listed in the person's will. However, there are many scenarios in which your parent could list someone else as a beneficiary, and this may upset you. In some cases, it's possible that your parent lacked the mental competency to make a sound legal decision, and this is one reason that you can contest the will. Read More