How To File A Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Petition

Falling behind on your bills can be an emotionally and financially difficult situation to handle. Fortunately, there is a process where you can seek the help of a bankruptcy court in developing repayment plans with your creditors that will stop their collection efforts. Here is how you can file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy petition to give you time to pay back what you owe based on how much money you are currently making. Read More 

Reaping The Rewards Of Being A Whistleblower On Fraudulent Activity

The word "whistleblower" is usually seen within a negative context, used alongside slang words such as "narc," "snitch," "tattletale," and "weasel." When individuals choose to engage in shady behavior (ripping off the government by cutting corners on taxes) the culprits involved are rarely eager to be discovered. When someone does discover their unlawful deeds, they often ask for the discovering individual to keep quiet, potentially even involving blackmail to insure that their actions remain a secret from the Internal Revenue Service. Read More 

Immigration Reform-Will President Obama Act Alone To Stop Deportation?

Immigration reform is at an impasse, with Democrats and Republicans unable to agree on how it should proceed. Before the November 2014 elections, when Democrats controlled the Senate, they passed a bill which provided a path to citizenship for all undocumented residents who were eligible to apply. Requirements included: No felony convictions Proof of residence A fine and all back taxes up to date and paid Applicant must speak English or be willing to learn Before this application process could begin, the Senate bill mandated that the US-Mexico border be secured for 6 months. Read More 

Why A Real Estate Lawyer Is Beneficial When Buying Property

One of the biggest investments you will make in your lifetime is the purchase of a home or real estate. It is a process which you will need to think through before you commit, but also make sure that the property you are purchasing is worth its value, as well as is free of any legal issues tied to the property. In order to properly determine whether or not there are issues, you need to retain a real estate attorney, Here is an overview of some of the issues you may find attached to your property and how a real estate attorney can help you. Read More 

Understanding Your Rights After You Slip In A Puddle By A Door With No Mat

You've tromped through a wet and snowy parking lot and walked into a shop, but the minute you walked in the door, you slipped and fell. Unfortunately, the store didn't have mats by their front door, and as a result, a puddle formed and you slipped. Now, you're wondering what your options are and what the storekeeper's responsibilities are. Here are some points to consider: Liability If you get hurt due to a dangerous situation in or around a business, you need to prove that the business owner is liable for your accident. Read More